Referring the world for better approach to our dogs.

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Referring the world for better approach to dogs


Our Introduction

Who are we?

This blog is meant for current and future dog owners. We are here to help you, with information about dogs. We will discuss weekly topics, and in the end of every week we will have a special guest answering questions or simply just talking about the topic. We hope you enjoy our content!

Tomy Sary Rony


Dog Care

Tips on taking care of your dog.

Dog products

Reviews on products and homemade recipes by Tomy.

Dog training

Training tips and topics.

Dog friendly places

Here we give you a list of dog friendly places around Israel.

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Our Activities - Coming soon

Stimulation and exercise.

Like us humans. Dogs need to have proper physical and mental stimulation. 

Trick Training

Coming soon!

Trick training is a great way to connect with your dog, mentally stimulate it and it will help it's confidence as well. Plus it’s very fun! 



Coming soon!

Learn how to play fun games with your dog. There is so much dogs learn by playing!

Dog Training with kids

It is important to include the children to the dog's training. Here you can find a few tips to handle their relationship.

Coming soon!

Pet friendly places


Pet friendly places you can take your furry friend to.       

                    Coming soon!                                                                                         

Your dog’s birthday


How to celebrate your dog's birthday? Bake a dog friendly cake! Make a day out of it! Check our recommendations.  

Coming soon!

Tomy anatolian shepard

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This page is dedicated to all our pawesome companions for being part of our lifes, with loyalty. As well as giving them a voice.

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CEO | Founder

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