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Who we are and what we do

We are here to help you with information about dogs. We will discuss weekly topics, and in the end of every week we will have a special guest answering questions or simply just talking about the topic.
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Rony Tomy Sary

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Tips on taking care of your dog.

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Reviews on products and homemade recipes by Tomy.

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Tomy anatolian shepard

Doogling is a project created to provide dog knowledge with the public based on our own experience with our dogs. 

We found that there is a lot of miss information and opinions on dog topics online, specially regarding the importance of dog training and  how it affects the dog's well being. We want to implement and create consciousness to all owners based on our experience on how significant it is not only for the dog, but also for you.

We want to make people understand the responsibility of having a dog and helping people accommodate them into their life styles . A lot of dogs get returned back to shelters after adoption because of lack of knowledge,  miss information and frustration.  Instead people could be welcoming and leading the dog into their home. 

This platform is here to create a community of people that are here to help each other with tips, advise, experience and information. Our intention is to resolve dog related questions and help those who are frustrated or just  need a push in the right direction.

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