Tomy anatolian shepard

All about Tomy

Tomy is our handsome dog. He is sweet, loyal, playful, and overall happy. We got him when he was 1.5 years old as a foster.

After about 4-5 months in, he started showing some reactive-aggressive behaviors towards other dogs. It was only under some specific circumstances and there is not a specific pattern to it. It’s not about the race, gender, size, color, or age about the other dog; which left us pretty much clueless on WHY he was being aggressive. During this time, we noticed that he fought dogs over food, but sometimes it had nothing to do with food and to us the why he “fights” a dog remains a mystery.

We tried looking for information online and tried many different approaches ourselves, but none of the information we found was complementary or made too much sense. We finally decided to adopt him after 6 months with us and contacted a local trainer.

We found Ben and Orit dog training. I knew I had to keep an open mind even if I didn’t like what they might tell me. We met right outside our home. They had to evaluate him, so they asked me to walk him for about 2 minutes? Tomy thankfully went straight to being naughty and pulled hard to grab a piece of bread from the floor (Take into account he is a 42-kilo dog ).

I say thankfully because they were able to see exactly what was wrong. So, they took out my worst expectation. A prong collar. They put it on him, explained to me how it worked, demonstrated on him, and to my surprise it wasn’t the worst thing. He was wagging his tail, paying attention to them, and wasn’t crying or showing any signs of pain.


Afterward we met a couple of more times until I  felt comfortable using the collar and being sure that I was using it right, after all, if it’s not being used properly it CAN harm the dog.

We are still in contact and do some group training sessions with them from now and then. It helps him have more control and us as owners. Don’t get me wrong, his reactive and aggressive behavior did not vanish, but we work it through with him and are able to calm him down. We also came to understand that if he is properly introduced to other dogs, he will be friendly and sweet.

So Tomy is our special “why” to this blog. Rony and I realized that there are lots of people struggling and lots of people trying to help. We hope we can provide useful information that we needed, or we wanted to know more about and compliment it with professionals.

Tomy Anatolian Shepard

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