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At-Home Physical Check

What is an at-home physical check?

It consists on checking your dog on a weekly or daily bases. We scan the dog from head to tail, for any kind of abnormality.

Doing an at-home physical check can also bring many positive outcomes with your dog. Knowing your dog from head to tail allows you to be aware of any physical changes. These 10 minutes can be lifesaving and will help you notice if something is wrong.

Checking your dog once in a while can also be a form of bonding. He will realize that you do not have any intention in hurting him.

What do we check?


We check ears, eyes, nose and mouth.


  • Make sure they are clean.
  • Check for injuries.


To check if your dogs ears are healthy they have a unique dog smell. Another kind of smell like sweet or bitter can be sign of infection.


  • They have to be white.
  • No red, no dust, nothing that can be bothering the dog.
  • Blinking normally.


  • Should be smooth, soft and clean.
  • Shouldn’t be dry or running
  • Make sure there is no injuries


  • Teeth should be white. Brown or yellow can be a sign of infection.
  • Check for loosen or broken teeth.

We check the dogs gums

Dogs gums have a pink color. Different color can be an indication of disease, hypothermia, heatstroke.


Gums can tell us if a dog is dehydrated. The way we check is by using our finger and pressing against the gum, gently. When pressing the gum it will turn white. If the dog is dehydrated it will take time for the color pink to come back.

Check your dogs head, neck and back by passing your fingers around to check for injuries, any kind of abnormality, ticks and fleas.

Paws and legs

We check between the fingers for any injuries or anything stuck. Ticks and fleas can lay eggs since it’s a warm spot.

We pass our hand on our dogs legs to check for injuries or something that can be bothering him.

Chest and belly

Pass your fingers. Check for any injuries, ticks, fleas.


Pass your hand gently through your dogs tail. Check for abnormality.

Approaching your dog

We don’t just go to our dog and start touching him around. It will take time until your dog is completely calm when you do at home physical check. Start with treats and in a place where your dog is comfortable. You can also do step by step. Maybe one day do only the head and the next day check his back and belly. The most important thing is to be patient.

If you have any questions feel free the reach us out on any of our social platforms.

Check out our video for a full understanding of how to check your dog properly.

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  1. Hi, that was an awesome video tip, I was doing the phisical check to my dog while it was running it’s very interesting thank you for sharing and I am learning so much to how to treat, and take care of my dog thank you

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