Trick Training

How trick training helped our real-life training. Before getting into “real-life training” we had already started trick training. By the time Tomy became a foster we had already met some AMAZING dogs that did the cutest tricks, so naturally, we were going to try to teach them to Tomy and [...]

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Haley and Scout

Haley Young

Interview with Haley Young Topics covered in the interview. Making a schedule Weekly checklist I’ve always hand fed her. I try to spread it out a little bit more doing a couple of sessions a day. Daily short sessions. Checklist Muzzle conditioning session a week. Outside engagement. Heeling or leash [...]

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This week we would like to talk about things that aren’t obvious about training. Making goals for your dog is the first step. Your goals depend on your dog and what you want to do with it. For us, our main goal for our dog is related to his reactive [...]

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