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Feeding Raw

Welcome back to Nutrition week.

Today we are going to talk about feeding raw!

Options on feeding raw:

Make it yourself.

For this, I highly recommend for you to look into a veterinarian specialized in nutrition for guidance as it can be tricky to know what and how much to feed.

It is important to know the balance and quantities of the food you are giving your dog. What does that mean? Remember to have these questions present: how active is your dog?, how big/small? Age? Allergies? Does the climate where you live affect the way your dog processes some foods?

You need to take everything into account to make a meal for them every day, the reason why we recommend going to someone specialized that can guide you.

As far as my research skills took me, there are two types of raw food:

Buying “pre-made meals” raw:

There are a number of companies that will make and send you the meals and all you need to do is put it on a plate. Make sure to follow their instructions to keep the meals fresh (usually means keeping enough space in the freezer).

Buying dried/ freeze-dried raw food.

This way of feeding is easier than the last two, It usually comes in a bag, just like kibble does, but it’s meat that has been through a drying process to keep all the properties of raw meat. This food should still be kept fresh, but not necessarily in the freezer.

For more information. We shared on our Instagram some informative accounts that can help you. Go check it out!

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