Tomy anatolian shepard

Flea and Tick

opening season is here!

So, fleas and ticks.

Quite a subject we hear often, right? Well especially now that its opening season for these pesky pests. A Dog’s fur which is warm and soft is like a paradise for fleas and ticks.

Fleas and ticks like to hide are in warm places of the dog like ears, between their toes, under the tail, anus, around the stomach, armpits. Inspect your dog daily if you see any signs go to your veterinary.

Your veterinary should provide you with flea and tick products. And give you the best flea and tick prevention product.


1.    Always first go to your veterinary to find the appropriate flea and tick prevention product. Especially before we enter warmer seasons.

2.    If you live in a home with a yard, keep your grass mowed. This helps a lot because they have less place to hide.

3.    If you do not live in a home with a yard, try avoiding your dog to access high grass and woods. If you do inspect.

4.    If you have more than one dog, treat them all at the same time. It is quite easy for dogs to cross infestation.

5.    If you treat your dog and not your surrounding environment than your dog can easily get contracted again. Solution: Vacuum your house and make sure to empty the vacuum containers. Clean your sheets frequently.

More about Fleas

Weather – Warmer months.

Host – Adult Fleas find one host, usually a dog, and they can stay until they die.

Fleas Are more likely to infest your house. They can get on your clothes, carpet and furniture.

More about Ticks

Weather – Ticks thrive in warm environments. But are also adapted to survive the cold weather.

Host – Ticks feed on a variety of hosts. Can live up to three years.

If your dog is infested with Ticks give your dog a bath if he is heavily infested and be sure to apply a preventive.

Fleas and ticks life cycle

Tomy anatolian shepard
Tomy anatolian shepard

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