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Making a schedule

A lot of trainers say that having a strict schedule helps your dog with their training. The structure of a schedule provides clarity with your dog. Your dog will be able to anticipate what is going to happen and will help their state of mind. Is this true? In my experience it is, Tomy seems to be a lot calmer when we keep a schedule vs. when we have a crazy week and there is less predictability.

What should a dog’s schedule look like? It depends on your dog and the goals you have set for your dog. (To see about goals go to our past post: )

This is what we include in our schedule: His walks, meals, crate time, playtime, training work, and the respective days and times for each. Our schedule has changed a lot depending on what we want to work with him. Sometimes something comes up and during that week we would work with him on it more (like having to give him a bath during COVID-19 lockdown). Not everything is 100% scheduled, sometimes we randomly go and do a play session or do other games and activities spontaneously.  

Your schedule should match your goals, priorities, and your everyday life. After all, keeping a schedule is a way for you to organize the steps you want to take with your dog.  For example, Tomy is very smart, our goal is for him to use his head. Every Monday with his evening meal we make sniffing games around the house. We are constantly looking for new games but we also go back to past ones from time to time.

If you need more guidance or clearance on making a schedule be sure to talk to your trainer. They can definitely help you, especially if you have already started working with them and they know you and your dog.

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