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This week we will be talking about dog nutrition. I personally don’t know a lot about it yet, but I think it’s a good thing! This way we can learn together. I did A LOT of investigating to be able to write about this.

First things first.

Dogs are carnivorous, just because they are carnivorous doesn’t mean they don’t/can’t eat anything else.  They have been with us for 20.000-40.000 years! During my hours of investigating I learned new things. Their system evolved to process some of our foods (like fruits, veggies, grains, and starches), unlike actual wolves. No, they don’t need them, but it also doesn’t mean they can’t compliment your dog’s diet. Even in wildlife, you can spot carnivorous eating berries or other sources of food that are NOT meat.

Just to clarify, they DO NEED MEAT, but not necessarily only meat.

What feeding options do I have?

There are many ways to feed your dog. You can look for a good dry food, canned food, and there are also varieties for raw feeding.

Is one better than the other? It really depends on your dog and your lifestyle.

What is raw feeding?

Raw feeding is as the name says: feeding raw meat. The whole idea is to feed your dog naturally as they were fed before dry commercialized foods and scrapes came along.

What are the benefits?

Several people who feed raw see good changes on the dog’s fur, skin, energy, teeth hygiene, and smaller and less odor in their poop.

What are the flaws?

If not balanced correctly it can do a lot more harm than good, reason why if you are thinking of feeding raw we strongly recommend consulting a vet nutritionist if it’s the best option for your dog and how to feed correctly.
Another “downside” is that you as a person (human being) need to be really hygienic with your pups plate and poop. Raw food comes with bacteria that your pup will not suffer from, but you or your family might if not handled correctly. To avoid this you can also find dried, freeze-dried raw food. You can also avoid this by cooking the meat.

What is kibble?

Kibble is the dry food you see everywhere. Usually, you can find canned food of the same brands.

What are the benefits?

Kibble is very easy to transport and storage. Also, good quality kibble formulas are created to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.

What are the flaws?

There have been a lot of problems with certain brands, fillers, and ingredients on the kibbles that don’t necessarily meet the dog’s best nutrition at heart. In the past, there have been investigations of the type of meat that is being processed and not all came out to be good. Does this mean you should avoid kibble 100%? No. It means you need to be careful and read through the labels. We will make a specific post about this so you know what to look for.

References: Although I researched a LOT more than what I am referencing, I read a lot of things that are not necessarily the truth, were repetitive, or not relevant to what I wrote.

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