Ronald and Quidy
Quidy | Rony

I have loved dogs since I have memory. I always got excited when seeing a dog. I got my first dog when I was 12 years old. We named him Snoopy from the comic fictional character. He was a Basset Hound. We got him from a store he just had 3 months old.

Snoopy was a very cute and happy dog. When he was a puppy, he slipped so many times on his own ears. It was the cutest thing! When Snoopy turned a year old we adopted another dog.

This dog we rescued from the street. She was a Toy Fox Terrier. Her name is Mimi. Very cute dog but also very territorial and protective. She didn’t let anyone get close to us or the house. We had to close her in the backyard when we had guests because she could get very loud. She never got to the point to bite.

The punchline is that on 19 April 2017 I drafted to the IDF (Israel Défense Forces) did my basic training and got listed to the Israeli air force. During my basic training they always ask what task you want to do and what unit. I heard and got interested in the k9’s that serve in the air force.

In the end, I got to be a k9 handler for 2 years and a half, there is where I got my experience as a dog handler and understanding the importance of having a well-trained dog with discipline and control.